Global entrepreneurs

Strane is a startup factory specialised in sustainable development. Founded in 2013 by a serial entrepreneur who wanted to work on several startup projects in parallel, Strane gathers experienced entrepreneurs who share in a same ambition to build the future. 

Europe is prolific with ideas and inventions. Creating a business from them is a challenge. Any challenge deserves its expert. Strane founds companies that are ready to become global leaders based on proven technologies.


Our values



People are the essence of Strane : respect, trust, autonomy, co-development and equal chances are our lighthouses


When Strane commits, our only objective is to deliver concrete and excellent results.

No limit

Strane does not set itself any limits. None.

Fun & Accomplishment

We dream, we create, we do. At Strane, entrepreneurs can fulfill their true potential.


Strane is growing quickly!

Strane is recruiting!

We are looking for talents: whoever you are, whatever your background and profile, if you are an entrepreneur, investor, expert or mentor, contact us!

Our ecosystem

Our international ecosystem is a unique asset to reach our ambitions. Strane has a network of academic and industrial partners in more than 30 countries. Strane is in the Management Committee of international network of cities on water NetwercH2O and in the Management Committee of EU think tank Confrontations Europe