Strane is a startup factory specialised in the sectors of sustainable development. We want a more prosperous world, with less impact on our planet that places men and women at the centre of innovation.

Our sectors supply the whole economy and are vital for our societies. As network industries, they share many similarities in terms of business models and market design. The digital revolution produces a technological convergence among these sectors into integrated macro-innovations like smart cities and smart factories.

We work also on key enabling technologies which have a cross-cutting impact on our sectors. Strane develops R&D programmes to develop our technical and business expertise.





Strane addresses all energy technologies for the production, transportation, distribution and consumption of electricity, steam and fuels. 

The technologies we particularly like:
- Superconductivity and energy storage
- Bioenergy and renewables
- Smart energy systems
- Energy recovery
- Energy efficient buildings
- Hydrogen production and fuel cells
- Hot water / steam production
- Embedded energy sensors 

Thermal imaging of the Boston skyline (Source : MIT)

Turbulence flox (Source : UCLA)


Strane covers the whole water cycle: production, purification, transport, distribution, and treatment of wastewater.

The technologies we particularly like:

- Leak detection systems
- Sensors
- Frugal systems for water treatment
- Seawater desalination
- Bio-chemical purification and treatment
- Precise irrigation methods
- Energy efficiency of the water cycle
- Dams and hydraulic buildings
- Depollution 
- Water reuse 


Strane spans all transport modes, especially road transport, at the levels of vehicles and transport systems.

The technologies we particularly like:
- Intelligent transport systems
- Improvement of the environmental footprint of vehicles
- Intermodal shift
- New mobility schemes
- Urban logistics
- Travel information and safety of travellers
- Payment systems
- Security of transport infrastructures
- Noise reduction
- Electric and embedded systems
- Electric vehicles

Source ESA

Pyramid farm (Source :, Ellingsen, Despommier)


Strane approaches this sector from the perspective of circular economy and resource efficiency on the full cycle: waste collection, sorting, recycling and disposal.

The technologies we particularly like:
- Separation of waste elements
- Reconditioning recycled products
- Substitutes to critical raw materials
- Depollution and restoration of air, water and soils
- Sensors
- Digitalisation of material flows
- Eco-conception
- Biorefineries 

Intelligent systems

Strane works on all aspects of the digital revolution impacting our sectors, like smart cities, smart factories or the circular economy.

The technologies we particularly like:
- Internet of things
- Sensors & Photonics
- Telecommunication networks
- Cyberphysical systems
- Big data & data science & artificial intelligence 
- Advanced governance schemes
- Virtualisation and virtual / augmented reality solutions
- Payment solutions
- High-performance computing
- Uber-like applications
- Human-machine interfaces & Gamification
- Robotics
- Cybersecurity 

Map of the Internet (Source : Cheswick)